Cannabis-focused health care platform launching for pets

A cannabis-centric educational platform aimed at health care and wellness for our furry friends is being launched by Cannvas MedTech Inc.

“Built on the same infrastructure as Cannvas.Me, Cannvas.PET will be a scalable and comprehensive solution for the global pet community offering interactive tools and research-backed content to audiences who wish to learn about pet healthcare through cannabis,” according to a release.

“As pet owners search for natural alternatives to improve the health of their pet, more and more are looking to medical cannabis only to find a lack of quality information,” said Steve Loutskou, Chief Operating Officer of Global Markets for Cannvas MedTech Inc.

“We are leveraging our existing infrastructure to launch an online educational portal targeted at the large and growing market for cannabis pet products,” added Loutskou. “Cannvas.PET will be a leading source of alternative healthcare for all manner of pets, providing owners with information and education regarding the various treatments available. While supporting a healthy and happy lifestyle for pets, it will stand independent from licensed producers and other entities to ensure unbiased information is free from outside influences.”

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Similar to the Cannvas.Me education platform, Cannvas.PET will be a free-to-use online platform using machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to contextualize and adapt to users of the platform, ensuring the content they are served remains geographically and personally relevant to them.

The site will feature innovative tools such as educational learning modules and an interactive service to educate pet owners with specific concerns about the different strains available.

“With the legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17, 2018 Canadian pet owners will have the opportunity to use medical-grade cannabis for the health care of their pets,” a release notes. “Similar to the human medical cannabis marketplace, high-quality non-combustible cannabis products can be a natural alternative in supporting the overall health and well-being of pets. Pets suffer just like humans and with the growing demand for alternative treatments there is a need for a trusted source of medical cannabis treatments to help with pet-related ailments. Research on CBD treats and oils has shown promise in many pet ailments like phobias, digestive problems inflammation and pain.”

In Canada, there are approximately 16 million cats and dogs with almost two-thirds of households owning a pet.

With over 350 million pets globally, the company says there is a “sizeable market opportunity for cannabis products and supporting technologies like the scalable Cannvas.PET educational platform.”

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