What led to the creation of the world’s largest longitudinal, observational cannabis study?

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If you ever wondered what a group of self-proclaimed “data nerds” can bring to cannabis, the answer is over 30 million data points on cannabis strain efficacy and patient use.

Stephanie Karasick is a co-founder of Strainprint, along with Andrew Muroff (CEO), David Berg (CTO) and Evan Karasick (Chief of Customer Care).

After being prescribed medical cannabis to ease symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), she was confronted with so many options for cannabis strains with an infinite mix of cannabinoids and terpenes, plus a variety of dosing options.

She searched for a reliable data-driven information for her decisions on strains and dosing, and was unable to find a solution, so she sought to create one.

After having a prototype of the app created by her husband, Evan Karasick, they both approached Muroff and Berg, who had found great success in the tech-boom of previous decades and knew there was a perfect match to combine tech and cannabis into one helpful platform.

Enter the Strainprint Medical Journal App, which powers Strainprint Analytics.

With the the Strainprint App, cannabis users journal their experience in the form of a medical outcome and record valuable data about the effectiveness of their treatment.

Through this highly secure platform, patient-generated health data (PGHD) is available to Licenced Producers (LPs), Physicians, Clinics, Pharmacists, Researchers, and Government, giving them access to business intelligence they can’t obtain elsewhere.

The data provides a foundation that helps them help people “use cannabis better.”

Through the over 750,000 person health records (tracked sessions) and 30 million data points on cannabis strains, medical professionals, pharmacists, government entities, and advocacy groups can retrieve insights through Strainprint Analytics.

Strainprint Analytics is the place for visually understanding and mining incredible patient-generated ‘crowd sourced’ cannabis data in real-time.  

How does Strainprint Work?

The Strainpraint experience is user-friendly and engaging. Strainprint users anonymously self-report and track over 50 different data points about their medical cannabis sessions. These data include symptomatic indicators, treatment details, self-efficacy for administration, and dosing.

Data is also collected on patient medical conditions, ingestion methods, strain choices, cannabinoid potency, terpene and cannabinoid profiles of their strains, and other crucial details. These data points reveal trends in patient cannabis use that demonstrate the effectiveness of certain medical cannabis approaches.

What results isn’t your typical strain review, but rather a “personal health record”, forming the basis for a data warehouse full of cannabis-related insights available to the cannabis community and those who are making important decisions for patient care.

Strainprint and Research

Strainprint data is being deployed in research studies across North America. Researchers from the University of Washington accessed archival data from the Strainprint app to assess cannabis use on depression, anxiety and stress (referred to as “negative effect”).

The research team concluded that “medical cannabis users report a substantial and significant reduction in symptoms of negative affect shortly after using cannabis.”

This study is only an example of the discoveries about medical cannabis that exist within Strainprint’s data. In fact, Strainprint’s collection of data is the largest and most data-stacked longitudinal study on cannabis use in the world.

“Strainprint data is helping clinicians, patients, pharmacists, governments, researchers, and the entire cannabis industry understand cannabis in a scientific way,” said David Berg, President & CTO of Strainprint Technologies Ltd.

“Our 30 million available data points on cannabis strains offers a unique opportunity to advance research and advocacy for medical cannabis,” Berg added.

Using Cannabis Better

Strainprint invites medical cannabis patients to download the FREE Strainprint app through the App Store or GooglePlay Store to begin tracking your sessions.

Using the app is an excellent way to use cannabis mindfully while producing actual medical records that will help you advance your cannabis treatment and journey.

Strainprint users can receive loyalty points that will get them access to some pretty awesome Strainprint swag, including clothing, vaporizers and more.

Cannabis is ours to own, and ours to discover. Strainprint is helping us collect what we know, and what we’re yet to discover into one place – one data point at a time.



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