Vitalis Extraction becomes Canada’s first ASME-certified cannabis extraction equipment manufacturer

Vitalis Extraction Technology has become Canada’s first American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) BPV certified extraction equipment manufacturer in the cannabis industry.

The ASME certification now allows Kelowna-based Vitalis to manufacture its own certified pressure vessels in-house, owning the process from start to finish.

The announcement comes on the heels of the company’s rapid expansion that doubled its production capacity.

Becoming ASME certified to manufacture fully-certified vessels in house was a huge undertaking and an even bigger accomplishment,” said Pete Patterson, COO and co-founder of Vitalis Extraction Technology.

“ASME completed an extensive audit of our fabrication facility and processes and found our methods and procedures to be excellent. Being able to produce certified vessels in house is unprecedented in our nation’s industry. Reaching this goal was a true team effort that involved everyone from our founders to engineers and fabricators who all knew what it would take to keep us ahead in this competitive and growing market,” added Patterson.

Founded in 2016, Vitalis Extraction Technology says it “produces the most sophisticated high-flowing, industrial-scale, supercritical CO2 extraction systems for the cannabis industry.”

“Simply being ‘designed-to-code’ isn’t enough when you’re handling a high-pressure system,” said Joel Sherlock, chairman and co-founder of Vitalis Extraction Technology. “Extraction systems are a required component in cannabis oil production. With something so imperative yet potentially dangerous, safety is critical. Owning this process allows us to continue to build certified, ‘future-proof’ machines, designed to expand for increased output and volume as a customer’s demands increase.”

With full legalization, tightened regulations are inevitable.

Vitalis’ ASME certificate affirms that each system is built in accordance with the latest regulatory codes, eliminating downstream problems for customers by helping to ensure compliance with their local jurisdictional requirements for installation and operation.

Voted Top Extraction Equipment at the 2017 Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards, Vitalis is “on the forefront of emerging Canadian and global markets.”

The company says it’s on track for a 105 per cent increase in sales this fiscal year, and that “these accomplishments confirm Vitalis’ place as the largest commercial supercritical CO2 extraction equipment company in the cannabis space in North America.”

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