How much are you willing to pay for pot? Statistics Canada wants to know

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How much are you willing to fork out for pot?

Statistics Canada’s “Question of the Month” asks how much people are willing to pay for a gram of cannabis, following marijuana being legalized across the nation.

“We want to hear from consumers—what price are you willing to pay?” their website states+

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It’s a question Stats Can has proposed before.

Past surveys have indicated that most people (40 per cent) are willing to pay $5 to $8 per gram.

Thirty per cent of respondents said they would pay less than $5 and 24 per cent expressed they were willing from $8 to $11 per gram.

Just six per cent said they’d pay $11 or more.

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Where can you use recreational pot?

No smoking or vaping is going to be allowed in indoor public places, except in a designated room at assisted living or retirement facilities or hospitals, or in a hotel room by registered guests (the hotel may choose to prohibit).

Just like cigarettes, smoking or vaping of cannabis is banned within six metres of doorways, windows, air intakes of public buildings, bus stops or bus shelters. It’s also banned on public patios.

Don’t try to light up on any sidewalks or boulevards next to a school property, either, which is also banned. As is smoking or vaping cannabis in regional and municipal parks – but it will be allowed at designated campsites.

No smoking of vaping of cannabis in provincial parks either, but the government says there will be “designated smoking areas.”

Just like alcohol, cannabis use is banned on boats,  except when in an assigned enclosed cabin on a commercially operated boat (the operator may still prohibit), or on a boat with sleeping accommodations, kitchen facilities and a toilet when moored or anchored.

And don’t think about smoking pot while you’re driving, as cannabis use in vehicles is a big no-no. Although, it will be allowed in motorhomes or other motor vehicles, or campers or trailers when parked off a public road or forest service road where camping is allowed and when being used as a private residence.

Anyone found in violation will face similar fines that would apply to liquor and tobacco. Smoking cannabis in a prohibited place will mean a $230 fine, and vaping in a prohibited place will mean a $58 ticket.



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