Petition urges Quebec cannabis society to stop using single-use plastic packaging


A petition has been launched that calls on Quebec’s cannabis society to stop using single-use plastic packaging.

As of noon on Nov. 27, more than 750 had signed the petition, launched by Jody Aveline.

“The world is in a plastic waste epidemic,” the petition states. “The plastic waste epidemic affects our beaches, coasts, oceans, seafloors, inland waterways and lands. Sadly, over 300 million tons of plastic is created every year, 1/2 of which is for single use and it needs to stop!”

The author of the petition also states that the U.N. Environment “reports merely 9% of the world’s nine billion tonnes of plastic has been recycled. Most of our plastic ends up in landfills, our oceans and waterways, and the environment. Plastics do not biodegrade. Instead they slowly break down into smaller pieces of plastic called microplastics. Microplastics have been found in fish, birds and other animals, and recently, microplastics have been found in human stool.”

Those behind the petition argue used recycled of bio-based plastics would be a “greener method of packaging cannabis.”

“Our waterways are overflowing with plastic waste and our landfills and full of plastic waste,” the petition reads. “Take a look around, plastic waste is everywhere we look. Plastic items like: plastic forks and knives, plastic shopping bags, plastic coffee cup lids, plastic water bottles, Styrofoam and plastic take out containers, plastic straws and now thanks to the new Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) we have new plastic “cannabis” packaging to add to the plastic waste epidemic.”

Ultimately, petitioners hope the SQDC will take a “more eco-friendly approach when distributing cannabis and cannabis related byproducts and to stop using plastic packaging.”

The goal of the petition is to reach 1,000 signatures.

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