NICHE this Week: 5 Things You Need to Know

As you kick off the week, here are five things making news in the cannabis industry:

  • Industry Event News: Canada’s largest cannabis conference since legalization takes place in Vancouver this week. Our founder Barinder Rasode will be speaking on a panel about mandatory testing limits, quality assurance and control in the industry.
  • The Québec government has moved to increase the legal age to buy or possess cannabis from 18 to 21 and impose many more restrictions on where Quebecers can consume in public. As the Montreal Gazette reports, the Bill will forbid cannabis consumption in CEGEPs and university-level institutions — except university residences — as well as on public roads, parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, bus shelters, tents and terraces.
  • ICYMI: Shoppers Drug Mart is diving into the medical cannabis market and has received its license from Health Canada to sell cannabis online. As BotaniQ Magazine reports, the company is now authorized to sell dried or fresh cannabis, plants, seeds and oil and has created a website for the sales:  
  • Would-be craft cannabis producers are discovering a major hurdle in their way: obtaining municipal approval and zoning, a key requirement of the licences. As the Vancouver Province explains, small growers say the federal government failed to educate municipalities about the new licences and the need to create zoning to support them.
  • Food for Thought: In a groundbreaking move, Ontario cannabis producer 48North is seeking Health Canada’s approval to plant the first-ever legal crop of open-air cannabis in Canada. As the Star reports, the company is seeking Health Canada’s permission to plant 100 acres’ worth of cannabis (40 hectares) on a farm just south of Brantford by late May or early June.