Medical Marijuana Podcast: An interview with psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan

In this podcast, Cannabis Media Collective host Michael Pedersen speaks to MD and psychiatrist Dr. David L Nathan, based out of New Jersey.

Dr. Nathan discusses some potential breakthroughs, as well as how he believes the cannabis plant may be utilized to benefit one’s health.

Dr. Nathan also discusses situations when he believes cannabis should not be used for medical reasons and provides some great examples of each.

“The use of CBD as a health product is discussed and what Dr. Nathan has to say may actually surprise you,” says Pedersen.

This interview was originally recorded and published by the Canadian Cannabis Update Podcast. This version of that interview includes just the medical related content from the original.

To hear the whole interview, which also dives deep into cannabis & drug policy, click here:

The Medical Marijuana Podcast – A Search for Answers is published by Distinct Media. For more info:


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