Cannabis culture among home décor trend drivers in 2019

Solid brass grinders from 48North’s F8 line of decorative accessories. (CNW Group/Around the House with Vicky Sanderson)

Changing social norms will shape home décor and design in ways that could not have been imagined a decade ago.

That’s according to Vicky Sanderson, publisher of the home and lifestyle website Around the House.

“For years, we’ve looked on stylish bar carts, cut-crystal glasses, and vintage cocktail shakers as décor,” she says. “Now, you could just as easily see a beautiful grinder on the coffee-table.”

Sanderson predicts that the legalization of cannabis will spur popularity of accessories into the mainstream as decorative pieces.

There are signs retailers are making the same bet: in the U.S., Barneys New York opened a luxury cannabis accessories shop in its Los Angeles location.

In Canada, 48North Cannabis Corp. — a licensed producer with facilities in Kirkland Lake and Brantford — is rolling out a line that includes brass grinders and sleek ceramic porcelain pipes.

Sanderson notes that consumers may be “increasingly cool with cannabis use for both recreation and wellness, but they’re increasingly uneasy about buying home-related products made under questionable ethical standards.”

“Nobody in 2019 wants to buy bed linen laced with cancer-causing chemicals, and stitched together by an undernourished twelve-year-old,” she adds. “There are big players striving toward having ethical, sustainable operations. These companies may be driven by morality, but they also know it’s becoming a huge positive for the brand.


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