New cannabis app will allow you to order online, pick up in store

(Photo: Twitter@thegrabapp)

Want to order your cannabis online and pick it up in store?

Soon, there will be an app for that.

Called “Grab,” the app is set to launch in Alberta and Ontario sometime in April, with a nation-wide roll-out planned over the next few months.

“Designed with the cannabis consumer in mind, the developers of the app performed extensive research which showed that many Canadians want the convenience of shopping Canada’s best cannabis stores from the comfort of their own homes,” notes a media release.

“Further to that, they noted that 90 per cent of the cannabis consumers surveyed would like to have the option to reserve their favourite products for in-store pickup using a mobile app.”

David Ramsaran, lead app developer with Buddy-Tech, said in a release that Grab lets clients browse current menus from government licensed cannabis stores in their area.

“You can reserve products and build your order online then skip the line-ups when you pick up your order at the store,” he said. “With Grab, you can browse more strains than you ever knew existed. You can research them before you buy, then rate, share, and review your new favourite strains with your friends afterwards.”

In a release, Grab suggests that having store menus and the ability to reserve products for in-store pickup “might be the way for Canadian cannabis consumers to beat the low inventory situation.”

Grab says its success comes “by maintaining close relationships with the legal cannabis stores across Canada.”

“The developer of the app worked closely with the federal and provincial governments,” the company states, saying Grab is the first cannabis smartphone app that is 100 per cent compliant with new provincial and federal regulations

To sign up for the latest launch updates go to The app will be available for download this month from from the App Store and Google Play.


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