Grow Tech Labs and Launch Academy aim to bolster cannabis innovation, entrepreneurship

Victory Square Technologies says its newly established cannabis accelerator Grow Tech Labs is joining with Launch Academy to “develop cannabis innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.”

“This is the kind of partnership that demonstrates why Vancouver is a growing technology centre,” said Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO of Victory Square Technologies. “Vancouver will continue to be a leader in cannabis innovation and development. This latest partnership with Launch Academy and Barinder Rasode at the helm of cannabis innovation at GTL, start-up ventures and entrepreneurial teams will have access to Victory Square’s world-leading acceleration program.

“Victory Square is incredibly excited to add exposure to the growing cannabis sector for our shareholders to partake in its incredible growth,” Tejani added. “These new opportunities will continue to focus on being on the cutting-edge of innovation.”

By combining forces with Launch Academy, newly established Grow Tech Labs “has a foundation to welcome budding cannabis innovators to Vancouver,” a release notes.

GTL was established to drive cannabis innovation by attracting ambitious entrepreneurs from across Canada and around the world to Vancouver. This initiative will aid in extending British Columbia’s international reputation as a leader in recreational and medicinal cannabis innovation and development.

“I am excited to work with this next wave of entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders who have been brought here by their desire join the innovation that is occurring in Vancouver’s cannabis sector,” said Ray Walia, founder and CEO of Launch Academy. “GTL’s cannabis accelerator is a perfect fit with our philosophy of execution and traction, and I’m looking forward to working with Barinder and helping to guide innovation in this area.”

Barinder Rasode, CEO of Grow Tech Labs, says the Launch Academy has “a reputation for driving development and innovation in Vancouver.”

“We will work together to drive cannabis innovation in Vancouver using the methods and training Launch Academy has perfected over the last six years,” Rasode added. “Being located in downtown Vancouver with access to a vibrant tech community and easy access to over 80 technology accelerators around the world through Launch Academy, is the kind of advantage I’m excited to extend to entrepreneurs from across Canada and around the world who have ideas for innovation in cannabis.”

GTL says it will expand B.C.’s global status as a leading cannabis innovator in the following ways:

  • Providing direct support, access to capital, mentorship and licensed space to locate innovative start-up companies in B.C.
  • Delivering world-class programs in innovation, entrepreneurship and mentorship created by successful innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Providing a platform for attracting international investment
  • Accelerating the participation of small BC producers and processors in the legal marketplace
  • Establishing programs dedicated to companies founded and owned by women and Indigenous Peoples
  • Establishing partnerships with community, government, business and education organizations
  • Developing a culture of corporate social responsibility