THE HER(B) LIFE PODCAST: Cannabis and its role in cancer treatment

This latest podcast from Cannabis Media Collective is from the Her(b) Life.

Titled “We know so much & we know so little,” this episode delves into what we know about cannabis and its role in cancer treatment.

“A lot and a little at the same time apparently,” writes Cannabis Media Collective. “For this session we are joined by Vancouver based holistic nutritionist, Margaret Sung and California’s psycho-oncologist, Dr. Sadie Phillips, as they discuss the effects of cannabis in the mainstream medical arena. You’ll hear about the long standing relationship between cannabis as a cancer treatment, including its effectiveness, the need for more research and the increase in demand from patients and families.”

Medicinal cannabis has been available in both California and Canada for some time, yet the legalization of recreational cannabis is facilitating another momentous shift in the general acceptance of the plant.

Patients and physicians are increasingly searching for answers as to how best to combine cannabis with traditional treatments. The two discuss the use of cannabis among oncology professionals and how many cancer queries are driven by patients and family members.

Currently only 30% of doctors feel comfortable giving cannabis recommendations, and many feel there is a need for more support in this field, notes Cannabis Media Collective.


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