Strainprint launches ‘evidence-based’ cannabis research report product line

(Photo: Strainprint)

Strainprint says it is leveraging its proprietary data to provide evidence-based research reports to the cannabis industry

Cannabis data and analytics company Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd has launched “Strainprint Reports,” a new product line of “comprehensive analyst research reports, designed to support medical cannabis practitioners and industry stakeholders.”

According to a release, the reports are based on Strainprint’s “proprietary patient-reported outcomes data, gathered anonymously and in real-time through both the award-winning Strainprint mobile journal application, as well as through opt-in surveys and validated questionnaires from the Strainprint Community.”

Strainprint now offers symptom-specific reports, product profile and usage reports, as well as specialized industry surveys and reports.  

“Prescription pharmaceuticals undergo phased clinical trials, and cannabis as a plant-based medicine is not subject to these same stringent requirements. The need to understand the medicinal capabilities and interactions of this plant are incredibly important, yet knowledge is incredibly limited,” said Strainprint President and CTO David Berg.

“Strainprint is changing the way we understand patient interaction with cannabis by crowdsourcing rich patient data with speed, precision and ease,” Berg added. “As a result, Strainprint has become the go-to resource for patients, producers, medical practitioners, pharmacists, product formulators and government to make educated decisions about cannabis. Strainprint Reports are the natural evolution of our product lines that leverage our rich data set.”

According to a release, the first available reports include a study of more than 35,000 outcomes from more than 2,700 patients on a variety of formulations and administration routes for treating Insomnia.

“The Insomnia report reveals significant gender and age differences, as well as key chemical profile similarities,” the release states. “Similarly, Strainprint’s Polypharmacy report analyzes the results of a custom study of more than 1,000 Strainprint app users across a variety of symptoms to understand polypharmacy attitudes and behaviours. Survey results and analysis revealed the behaviours of respondents who use cannabis in combination with at least one other form of medicine to treat their symptoms.”

Coming soon is Strainprint’s “Canadian Medical Cannabis Report,” revealing the results of more than 800,000 patient reported outcomes from tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients who were treated with full-spectrum, lab-tested products from dozens of licensed producers across a variety of symptoms and conditions.

“We have the largest longitudinal observational data set on cannabis use and product efficacy in the world, making our research team uniquely positioned to deliver informed analysis and insight into the effectiveness of more than 1,600 unique approved medical cannabis products,” said Strainprint VP of Research, Michelle Arbus.

Strainprint Reports can be purchased individually online or as a package with subscription access to the Strainprint Analytics cannabis intelligence platform.