Power 10 – Rules & Regulations


The BotaniQ Power 10 2018 Survey (the “Survey”) is sponsored by BotaniQ Magazine (“Sponsor”), [email protected]. Nominations will be open from Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to Friday, August 10th, 2018 as 11:59 PM PDT. Sponsor’s computer is the official time-keeping device.

Recognized Individuals will be determined by number of nominations received. To fill out a survey (“Survey”) and nominate, visit www.botaniqmag.com. Individuals receiving the highest number of nominations will be recognized. The person (“Candidate(s)”) with the most nominations in a particular category will receive recognition. Multiple candidates with an equal number of nominations will all receive recognition. Nominations are counted by category and cannot be transferred from one category to another. A candidate may be honored in more than one category, but nominations will not be combined across categories. Nominations are collected via a survey administered on the Botaniq Magazine website. 

It is the intention of the Sponsor to recognize one person in each category posted; however, a Candidate must receive a minimum of five (5) nominations to receive recognition. If no one receives that minimum, BotaniQ Magazine reserves the right to eliminate the category and not recognize anyone.  BotaniQ Magazine reserves the right to determine what categories will be included. BotaniQ Magazine reserves the right to refuse nominations for candidates that are deemed not appropriate for the categories for which they were cast.

Nominators, identified by an email address, are allowed to nominate up to three individuals per category. Any additional surveys submitted by same email address will be disqualified and not counted. Nominators do not need to enter a nomination in each category. Due to spelling errors, best efforts are made to standardize the write-in nominations to match an existing person. A nominator is accountable for having a first-hand experience with the nominee. Nomination totals will not be published.

Use (or attempted use) of multiple identities and / or any automated system to register for nomination, or otherwise participate in the nominating is prohibited and is grounds for disqualification. Sponsor is not responsible for late, lost, misdirected, delayed, incomplete, illegible or incompatible nominations.

All nominations are subject to verification. We reserve the right to require proof of identity from any nominator (or any individual purporting to be a nominee) for any nominations submitted or purportedly submitted, by such Nominator to be considered valid for the purposes of the Botaniq Power 10 2018. Failure to provide such proof in a timely manner may result in disqualification of the applicable nominations that cannot be verified. 

Any Nominators determined to be in violation of these rules are subject to disqualification of their nominations at the sole and absolute discretion of BotaniQ Magazine. 

Nominators have the option at time of completing the survey of joining Sponsor’s mailing list. Selecting “Yes” to join the mailing list will be considered express permission to email Nominators until such time as they opt-out. 

The Botaniq Power Top 10 Survey is the sole property of BotaniQ Magazine. BotaniQ Magazine reserves the right to, among other things, amend the process, judge nominees and determine the validity of the nominations submitted. In the case of suspected fraudulent nominations, reserved rights and possible actions may include, without limitation: utilization of methods necessary to determine the validity of nominations; the removal of the category; disqualifying the fraudulent nominations; disqualifying the recipient of the fraudulent nominations in that category or any other; withdrawing previous Power 10 recognition; and possible litigation. 

The successful nominees will not receive a prize. The Top individual for each Category will be listed in the Botaniq Magazine and on the website on or after the publication of our fall 2018 issue and will receive a certificate attesting to their recognition in that Category. The top nominee in each category will be highlighted as part of our Botaniq Power 10 special feature. Public recognition has no retail value. It is the intention of the Sponsor to honour the top nominee in each Category, provided a sufficient number of eligible candidates receive nominations.

Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate this Survey or any part thereof, if Sponsor determines, in its sole discretion, that the security, administration, fairness and/or operation of the Survey has been corrupted or impaired by any non-authorized intervention, network failure, information storage failure, telecommunications failure, malfunction, or any other cause beyond Sponsor’s control. If Sponsor terminates the Survey, Sponsor will post notice of same on the Survey webpage and select the nominees in each Category by applying the criteria set forth above based on eligible, non-suspect nominations received as of the termination date.

By submitting a Survey, the Nominator acknowledges the understanding of and agreement with these Official Rules.