NICHE, the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, is excited to announce our amalgamation with the CNMMA, the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association

“We’re excited to be building upon the work Deepak Anand undertook in his capacity as Executive Director of the CNMMA,” says Barinder Rasode, President and CEO of Niche Canada. “One of our goals now at NICHE is to help expand the CNMMA into the non-medical, adult cannabis market, while maintaining a focus on the demands within the medical space.”


Deepak Anand, who is now stepping down as executive director of CNMMA, says he’s excited by the potential for CNMMA members to transition into NICHE, and confident that the NICHE Canada team in place is working to build a strong foundation for further success.


“Since establishing this dynamic organization from a standing start in 2014,” says Anand, “it has been my pleasure to watch a new industry soar to great heights. Our partners—licensed producers, licensed producer applicants, healthcare providers, and industry—are the reason we have been able to come this far, and I must say thank you to them all for their support.”


“From the beginning, we have maintained a clear mandate of ensuring that all Canadian patients who benefit from medical marijuana in Canada have access to the highest quality of product and services to meet their specific health care needs in a safe, well-regulated environment. Thanks to the stellar support of our industry stakeholders I am proud of our team’s record in pursuing this goal.”


CNMMA Members can contact Barinder Rasode, Chief Executive Officer, NICHE CANADA National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, 604-805-3272, [email protected],