Do you have what it takes to be a Budtender?

With legalization just around the corner, cannabis retailers are actively hiring for the hottest new role to hit the retail landscape – Budtenders.

Budtenders help all customers – novice and veteran – navigate the wide world of recreational cannabis consumption.

Successful Budtenders have intimate knowledge of their store’s inventory and can speak to the different nuances within each product and strain. They work with customers to recommend the best product based on customer preferences.

They might ask the customer how often they consume cannabis, when they last consumed cannabis or what they want to feel after consuming cannabis, so they can suggest the best product for that customer.

Budtenders are also familiar with the different cannabis accessories, such as pipes and vaporizers, as well as the wide range of smokeless edibles, concentrates and tinctures. They can speak knowledgeably about the different methods and modes of cannabis consumption.

Hygiene and customer safety are crucial parts of the Budtender’s role.

When handling products Budtenders should use the same guidelines as the food industry – wearing gloves or using tongs when touching products.

Budtenders are passionate about cannabis and stay on top of industry news, important holidays and events.

They include this element of culture and passion in their interactions with customers which creates a rich and meaningful retail experience. They’ll often stay informed about latest scientific studies as well as regulatory requirements.

Budtenders provide guidance and educate customers about cannabis products, so their customers will have a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience.

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