Event series to explore how cannabis will impact hospitality industry

Photo: eventbrite.ca

An event series in Ontario aims to delve into how cannabis will impact the hospitality industry.

The Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers (CAPS) – Ontario has partnered with Lifford Cannabis Solution for a monthly event series on the third Wednesday of the month, at Lifford Wine & Spirits (471 Jarvis St.).

“The route to market for recreational cannabis is exactly the same as alcohol, so it’s a natural fit for wine and spirits distributors to expand into cannabis,” said Lisa Campbell, CEO of Lifford Cannabis Solutions, a subsidiary of Lifford Wine & Spirits.

Like the health care sector, the food industry is keen to see regulations that will clarify labeling, but it will also be pushing for restaurants and bars to be permitted to participate with infused edibles and beverages.

“If we can have tiramisu for dessert infused with alcohol, we should be able to have cannabis-infused dinners and desserts at restaurants across Canada. Until the food service industry and cannabis events are included in regulations, there will continue to be a grey market,” said Campbell. “That’s not good for consumer safety due to concerns around packaging and dosing.”

Organizers invite the public to join them on Feb. 20 before the Restaurants Canada Show for a Hospitality Sessions at Lifford Wine and Spirits focused on “infused dining and natural wine hosted by the Grape Witches and up and coming Chef Charlotte Langley.”

Lifford Cannabis Solutions tells BotaniQ that the February event will feature a panel of “all star” Toronto chefs, hosted by Langley, who are experimenting with cannabis cooking.

More than 100 people are expected at that event.

Click here to learn more about the event series, and to register.