Resolve Digital cannabis vaporizer approved as a medical device in Canada

Resolve Digital has announced the first of its family of smart vaporizers has been approved by Health Canada for a Medical Device License (MDL) for cannabis use.

Called the “Resolve MD,” it’s said to be the first cannabis-related medical device license issued under Canada’s new regulatory system and is described as “a vaporizer that assists the patient in taking control of their healthcare, utilizing technology that ensures consistent dosing and a professional experience.”

Dr. Amol Deshpande, a member of Resolve’s Scientific Advisory Board, said “for physicians and cannabis patients to be more comfortable with using medical cannabis, there’s a need to make dosing easier and more transparent.”

“Licensed medical devices, such as Resolve’s medical vaporizer, are focused on filling the void for consistent and standardized inhalational dosing for the medical cannabis industry,” Deshpande added.

This company said this product is the first of a family of medical cannabis vaporizers that are anticipated to be licensed by Health Canada.

“By receiving its license, the Resolve MD demonstrates it is fully compliant with Health Canada’s Medical Device Regulations, including satisfying medical device, biological and electrical standards throughout the design and manufacturing of the device.

According to a release, “to make usage of Resolve MD as easy as possible for the patient, the Company is partnering with licensed producers to pre-fill proprietary pods with pre-selected cannabis formulations that are then simply inserted into the device.”

Meantime, Resolve is also developing an app that assists patients in “capturing data on medical conditions, prescriptions, family history, lifestyle, and effectiveness per dose, then utilizes those data points to improve the medical cannabis treatment experience for patients and caregivers.”

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