CANNABIS UPDATE PODCAST: An interview with cannabis legend Hilary Black of Canopy Growth

In this latest Cannabis Update Podcast, host Michael Pedersen speaks with cannabis advocate, legend and now Canopy’s Chief Advocacy Officer Hilary Black.

“Hilary has been a soldier in the fight for cannabis legalization and medical consumption since the 90s,” says Pedersen. “Founder of the Vancouver Compassion Club, Hilary walks us through her life, her struggles and her dreams in this interview. Hilary’s perspective is perhaps deeper and more passionate than most and now she’s taking her thoughts and convictions into the boardrooms of some of the most powerful organizations in the cannabis space. Some accuse her of turning her back on the legacy scene, but I for one couldn’t think of a better person to represent advocates in this quickly evolving, corporate world of cannabis. I hope you enjoy.”

Follow Hilary on Twitter @mzblack & check out the new website she’s spearheading,