Kiaro expands to B.C. with flagship Vancouver cannabis store


Kiaro, a Vancouver-based brand specializing in the retail sale of cannabis and cannabis accessories, will open its flagship store Aug. 1 in B.C.

Located in Vancouver at 1316 Kingsway, Kiaro says the store will offer “a customized cannabis experience with the goal of promoting greater life enjoyment.”

“When you engage, inform and empower, you can change hearts and minds to end the concerns surrounding cannabis use,” said Daniel Petrov, CEO of Kiaro. “As a Vancouver-based brand, we’re delighted to bring a socially responsible cannabis retail experience to our hometown. By working closely with local government, businesses and residents, we intend to become the guiding light that proves cannabis retailers can, and do, make a valuable contribution to society.” 

Kiaro, whose mandate is to “stand up and stand out to inspire stories of enjoyment”, aims to provide “a strategically curated product portfolio of quality products that appeals to both the cannabis curious and the connoisseur.”


The Vancouver store will stock a diverse range of cannabis products and accessories, including dried flower, pre- rolls, tinctures and capsules; and will continue to expand as new product categories, such as edibles, enter the regulated market.

The company said its stores are staffed by “well-informed consultants whose primary role is to initiate meaningful discussions with guests so they can recommend products and experiences tailored to individual needs.”

“Kiaro’s retail experience is designed to relax and welcome clients with a strategically minimalist layout,” notes a release from Kiaro. “Angular lines create dimensionality, and solid forms in fixtures and displays create stability and assurance to help navigate a once- confusing industry. A simple palette allows the product to shine and creates momentum to urge the visitor’s journey further into the shop. Kiaro is also engaging the community in the store’s design by commissioning local artists to contribute artwork. “


Kiaro says that as more people turn to cannabis to alleviate a variety of health and lifestyle issues, “an overwhelming number of users have enjoyed notable improvements in quality of life.” But the company notes “there remains a stigma around cannabis caused by public exposure to decades of misinformation.”

Those who come to its stores, the company says, will “learn how to identify cannabis products appropriate to their needs, and also glean information about proper dosage and safe usage habits.”

“As we move towards the acceptance of cannabis use, Kiaro is focused on delivering customer-forward service that surpasses expectations,” said Eleanor Lynch, Kiaro’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “We provide the tools, information and resources for customers to not only make their own informed decisions, but also to be empowered to share this knowledge with others and become cannabis advocates themselves.” 

In a release Kiaro stressed its commitment to “cultivating safe and inviting retail spaces that encourage curiosity, exploration and education for cannabis users” and says the “Vancouver store represents the extension of the retailer’s footprint across Western Canada, as Kiaro expands nationwide.”

Kiaro’s flagship Vancouver store is located at 1316 Kingsway, and is open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 8 pm.

A release notes the company’s leadership team has a “proven track record of growing retail brands across North America with significant brick-and-mortar retail presence and omni-channel excellence.”

Kiaro plans to open several cannabis shops nationwide within the next year.

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