Want to get paid to smoke pot? A Canadian company is hiring ‘cannabis connoisseurs’


A Toronto company is looking to hire five “cannabis connoisseurs’ to test different strains of marijuana.

And yes, the gig pays. AHLOT says the chosen five will be paid up to $1,000 a month.

AHLOT (A Higher Level Of Thought) says it is “devoted to inspiring the thinker in each of us. As a curator brand at heart.

“We have developed Canada’s first and only series of Cannabis Collections™, showcasing premium strains from different producers across the country. The first collection, called Discovery Series Vol.1™ will be available in Ontario on October 17th. As we prepare to introduce new strains for future collections, we’re hiring interesting people like you to help us choose them.”

The five members would be on the company’s “Cannabis Curation Committee.”


The company explains.

“The AHLOT Cannabis Curation Committee (CCC) will be comprised of expert-level connoisseurs who have lived with cannabis long enough to understand and express the nuances that distinguish one strain from another.

“This role requires neither a physical presence in the office nor residence in Toronto. Candidates are welcome to apply from across Canada, and can perform their duties from their current location. You must be 19 years of age or older to participate.

“There are 5 positions available. Each AHLOT CCC member will become an independent contractor and entitled to compensation equivalent to $50 per hour, to a maximum of 16 hours per month, in addition to an expense account of $200 per month for their cannabis purchases. Additional payment for special activities and events will be covered on a case-by-case basis.

“Basically, we’re paying qualified individuals $1,000 a month to evaluate strains from Licensed Producers across the country. Sounds good so far? Then it’s over to our site for the whole story. Good luck!”

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