Blockchain tech in cannabis: An interview with Rubikon’s Joel Semczyszyn

Canadian Cannabis Updates interviews Joel Semczyszyn, CEO of Rubikon Blockchain Corporation.

Canadian Cannabis Updates is a Canadian-based podcast, delivering regular news updates and interviews concerning the legalization of cannabis.

This latest episode features Joel Semczyszyn, CEO of Rubikon Blockchain Corporation, and winner in the Disruptor category of BotaniQ’s Power 10 of the Canadian Cannabis Industry awards.

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Semczyszyn might be a bit of a maverick.

While most people are just trying to figure out a way to survive in this new legal cannabis space, Semczyszyn is already defining new ways of enhancing it using blockchain technology.

If you don’t know what blockchain is and just want a basic lesson, Semczyszyn does a great job of it.

He also explains why he might already be a game changer, in this new game that’s only just beginning.