Founder of Irwin Naturals says he’s giving away $1M of CBD

Irwin Naturals says it’s giving away $1 million worth of CBD, in celebration of the U.S.’s legalization of hemp.

“Our mission is to spread health to the world through plant medicine,” said company founder Klee Irwin, who is also the author of Pain Nation.

“Our nation is on the edge. And I am worried about the future of our children. If we can make CBD affordable and accessible to the masses, it just might help our country avoid a meltdown,” Irwin added.

According to a release, Irwin is concerned about the current high costs for CBD.

“For example, a low-income single mother needing CBD for her child simply cannot afford the approximate $200 per month that it typically costs,” a release noted.

“My goal in life is to use my companies as vehicles for social good,” said Irwin. “Hemp extract (CBD) should not cost someone a couple hundred bucks a month. So, as part of our social mission, we have also priced our high quality full-spectrum, US-grown, non-GMO hemp extract at a cost per milligram of CBD that is more than three times less than the national average. For example, I directed Irwin Naturals to significantly reduce profit margins and sell at a retail price of $27.95 for a bottle of 900 mg of CBD containing 60 soft-gels each with 15 mg of CBD per capsule. Compare this to the national average of nearly $100 for the same amount of capsules and total CBD.

“We have high quality products,” he added. “But, we also have the best pricing by far. Business doesn’t have to be just about making money.”

Irwin Naturals says if its give-away were calculated based on the value of the national average cost for CBD products, the company is “giving away an unprecedented $3.4 million in free product.”

According to a release, the give-away will occur on a first-come-first-serve basis for anyone visiting

“The website will give further offer details and the Terms and Conditions of the Giveaway, see here. Although shipping, handling and processing of $9.95 is not covered, this is a no catch give-away,” the company’s release states. “There are no requirements to sign up for anything or buy anything. And the products that consumers will receive are not trivial sample sizes. They are full sized products that the company sells in top health food stores across the US.”

Founded in 1994, Irwin Naturals is a producer of soft-gel based herbal formulas.