The Her(B) Life podcast: Featuring Barinder Rasode and Julie Domingo

This latest “Sessions” podcast from The Her(b) Life includes interviews with Grow Tech Labs CEO Barinder Rasode and CannaReps CEO Julie Domingo.

It’s a discussion about what is needed to create a better future for new and old business in the developing cannabis industry.

“Canada is on the world stage, and the future of the global cannabis industry relies on us getting legalization right. Legalization is, by all accounts, a step forward, yet it has produced a number of unintended consequences,” write podcast hosts. “The stifling of information for consumers, the exclusion of craft brands and restrictions on patients accessing their trusted sources legally, are just some of the issues that have arisen.”

Both women have strong track records in pioneering education systems in the cannabis industry and have also had a hand in building successful companies that cater to the developing industry.

Julie Domingo is one half of Cannareps, the leading cannabis education service, educating front line workers on the science of the cannabis plant. She brings to the table an uncanny ability to create engaging pathways and experiences to educate cannabis industry workers and enthusiasts with the cannareps sommelier course.

Barinder Rasode, is the founder of NICHE Canada and Co-Founder of Grow Tech Labs, a cannabis focused incubator, with a mandate to support women and Indigenous led companies to launch their businesses. In addition, Grow Tech is working to develop a Co-op for operational craft brands, which aims to bring those who have serviced the community for years into the legal landscape.