Cannabis business accelerator Grow Tech Labs holds ‘Pitch Day’ at KPU

(Photo: Grow Tech Labs/Facebook)

Seven hopeful companies are making their case this week during cannabis accelerator Grow Tech Labs‘ Pitch Day.

“Accelerate your company into the global cannabis market,” notes a GTL event posted. “Seven companies will pitch to our investors, advisors and mentors from Vancouver.

The event is set to run from 1 to 4 p.m. on July 11 at KPU Civic Plaza campus in meeting room 602 (13485 Central Avenue).

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One of those seven companies is EnCann solutions, which provides “customized cannabis oil extraction services for Canadian cannabis and hemp producers.”

“Using a state of the art ethanol system and proprietary extraction technology we provide a superior yield with the clarity, colour and purity customers look for,” the company’s website notes.

EnCann founder and engineer Ryan Bernath told BotaniQ Magazine the company is “going for true industrial-scale extraction.”

“Companies right now are looking at doing 300 kilograms a day per an eight-hour shift,” said Bernath. “We’re looking at doing 300 kilograms per hour.”

The ethanol-based process is patent-pending, and Bernath explained it borrows on knowledge from other industry.

Bernath noted that once Canadian canopy space builds out, there will be million of square feet and he said this product will help process the product able to be growth within it “in a reasonable timeframe.”

“Extract is the base of every concentrate, so there is a need to be able to scale that,” he said. “We want to be the one-stop-shop for cannabis cultivators in Canada.”

Bernath said accelerators like GTL are important to the industry’s progression, saying they’re “going to be helping incubate a lot of the technology around cannabis right now.”

“We want to make sure we’re working to bridge the cannabis industry with other business, community, and professional organizations,” Barinder Rasode, CEO and co-founder of GTL and founder of the National Institute of Cannabis Health and Education (NICHE) said earlier this year.

Click here to learn more about Grow Tech Labs, and its event later this week at KPU.