PODCAST: Treating cancer with cannabis oil, an interview with Sheriann Baker

In this latest Cannabis Media Collective podcast, host Michael Pedersen interviews Sheriann Baker.

“Sheriann Baker is a fighter,” says Pedersen. “Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a few years back, Sheriann decided not to give up, but to go to war. Sheriann walks us through her life, before cancer, when she found out and now. Sheriann is also a staunch believer in to healing power of cannabis oil, more specifically Rick Simpson oil, otherwise known as Phoenix Tears.”

“Can cannabis oil cure cancer?” Pedersen asks. “That’s a question we can’t answer in this conversation, but it sure seems to give Sheriann a better quality of life than many patients who choose chemo as a treatment.  This is her story, I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.”

Contact Sheriann on Twitter @Sparkiestgerm