CANNABIS UPDATE PODCAST: Will Mexico have the next green rush?

In this Cannabis Media Collective podcast, host Michael Pedersen interviews Michael Lavergne, known on Twitter as the Ethical Grasshopper.

“There are some people you follow online and never meet, but you just know they’d be an amazing person to interview sometime if given the opportunity, ” said Pedersen. “A while back, I did an interview with Jorge Rubio about the hemp situation in Mexico, that’s when Michael reached out with some of his own perspective! Like a true podcast hunter, I saw my opportunity and went for the kill! I asked Michael to join me on the podcast and he graciously agreed.”

“I always show up with notes and questions, but this conversation just kinda flowed naturally, so I decided to just let it go wherever Michael chose to travel,” Pecdersen added. “We cover a lot of ground & I really learned a lot.  Michael really is an Ethical Grasshopper, I hope you enjoy!”

To follow Michael on Twitter: @thecanadianmike